Ship with the Best Combination of Price and Service

Access scalable dedicated capacity with shippers like BASF, Party City, and others. Reduce empty miles by 76% while saving up to 30% on line haul costs. Delight customers with 99.9% on-time delivery.


How Flex Fleets Work

Leaf builds multi-shipper circuits using our data analytics tool, Leaf Adapt. By keeping freight moving continuously, we're able to offer shippers lower rates to ship dedicated.

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Reliable Capacity &  Superior Service

We guarantee each shipper will always have a dedicated asset available to move their freight whether they're shipping one load or one hundred.

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Find Your Flex Fleet

We're currently operating fleets in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Georgia, with fleets coming soon in California, Ohio, and Indianapolis. By the end of this year, Flex Fleets will serve all major domestic markets.

  • Lebanon,PA
    Lebanon, PA
    Live Fleet
  • Dallas,TX
    Dallas, TX
    Live Fleet
  • Atlanta,GA

    Atlanta, GA
    Live Fleet

  • Stockton,CA
    Stockton, CA
    Coming Soon
  • Columbus,OH
    Columbus, OH
    Coming Soon
  • Indianapolis,IN
    Indianapolis, IN
    Coming Soon

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